TG² Reads: Creating a Culture of Feedback

Creating a Culture of Feedback  by William M. Ferriter and Paul J. Cancellieri Paperback 128 pages     “The one really competitive skill is the skill of being able to learn” (Papert 1998) If one of the goals of education is to prepare students for future demands how do grades fit into this? Beyond school, … Continue reading TG² Reads: Creating a Culture of Feedback

The Importance of PLNs

Change. Growth. Learning. Three short but complicated words. These intangibles are important to instill in students, and yet, in the day-to-day reality of work, teachers often neglect a need for continual professional growth. And as the years go by, it gets easier to become stubborn and set in one's ways. Change is hard. As teachers push … Continue reading The Importance of PLNs