Communities Without Limits

I understand some of what people are talking about when they refer to feeling alone in a community of teachers. Whenever we swim against the intellectual current, we get resistance. Some of this resistance comes from the context (like the current) we are in. It pushes and pulls us in certain directions. Some of the … Continue reading Communities Without Limits

Hate the Game, Not the Gamers

Recently, I have been following a conversation on Twitter about why certain assessment methods are better than others (see Aaron Blackwelder’s post about cheating). One of the ideas coming out of this conversation is that educators can gauge a method’s effectiveness by whether it can be ‘gamed’ by students. Wikipedia defines gaming as using the rules … Continue reading Hate the Game, Not the Gamers

The Child Behind the Grade

Teachers don’t generally like to come down to the office. In fact, most people (even as adults!) still have negative feelings about seeing the principal. They believe when they are in that space that they are ‘in trouble.’ This is a large reason why I like to engage with students and staff in their spaces … Continue reading The Child Behind the Grade