How to Grade for Learning w/Ken O’Connor – TG²Cast Episode 8

Book Cover

Countless educators, including many in Teachers Going Gradeless, consider Ken O’Connor one of the first to introduce them to the idea that traditional grades are “broken” and that a better approach is possible. Ken is an independent consultant and author of the book A Repair Kit for Grading: 15 Fixes for Broken Grades. Just recently, Ken published the fourth edition of his seminal book How to Grade for Learning. I believe I speak for many of us in expressing gratitude to Ken for the profound impact he has had on so many of our teaching practices.

Topics include:

  • How Ken’s experiences as teacher, curriculum coordinator, and field hockey coach informed his ideas around assessment and grading
  • Why we should shift our grading practices
  • Reasons for optimism regarding shifting grading practices in schools
  • Why going gradeless and standards-based learning are “in the same chapter if not on the same page”
  • Highlights from the new edition of How to Grade for Learning

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