Now’s the Time to Save the Humanities

Does it seem to anyone else that the humanities have lost their roots? Or that humanities has taken on a “school” definition that deviates greatly from its original intent: the study of the human experience. Humanities originally blended an exploration of art, culture, literature, music, history, philosophy, religions (and more) to uncover what it is to be human—how we have arrived at where we are as people, where we may be heading, and the role each of us chooses to play in this life.

Humanities is a study of social justice.

Yes, not only heavy stuff and important work for us as teachers, but also essential experiences and rich rehearsals for our students’ journeys through the human experience.

And then there are grades—one culprit that dilutes the impact humanities can have on our students’ learning and life choices. The humanities can promote feedback over grades to find a sweet spot of learning and teaching. It is feedback that puts the human in humanities, helping us rediscover the primary purpose of our teaching, reviving the rich roots of the human experience in our classrooms. Let’s get together Sunday to share ideas with one another and tap back into this greater purpose.

Join us this Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT, 6p.m. PDT #TG2Chat

Infographic - TG2 Twitter Chat #6

How have you empowered students in your humanities classes by eliminating grades? Sound off in the comments below. And please share this so more people get to see this.

Teachers Going Gradeless is a global group of educators convinced that teaching and learning are better when we grade less. Find us on Facebook!

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