Now’s the Time to Pick Up STEAM

“But it’s easy to grade in math. It’s either right or wrong!”

I’ve had this conversation with peers, students, even my wife. It always ends with the other person saying, with a light chuckle, “It’s ironic that the math teacher is taking the math out of grading.” Good one. Very original. Cue my fake laugh.

Yes, answers are important and have value. But what might be more important cannot easily be assessed or graded. One quick look at the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practices (CCSSMPs) and the Next Generation Science Standards Practices (NGSS-P) and one will notice the importance of inquiry, investigation, reasoning, collaboration, communication, modeling, making connections, and creativity.

What I have noticed throughout my career is students being passive throughout their entire mathematics experience. Passive in the learning process. Passive in the grading process. Going gradeless has helped open up the conversation, and allowed for students to be more active and creative. And that is what we will focus on in this week’s TG2chat.

I, along with Tish Mullen, will be moderating TG2’s STEAM Twitter chat this Sunday, July 23, 2017, 9-10 PM EDT. We will discuss a variety of topics in geared towards the STEAM classroom.

Take a peek at our introductory video and skim through the questions in the infographic. I look forward to learning with you all this Sunday night!

Please check out our introductory video below and skim through the questions in the infographic. I hope you will join us as we shine a light on the topic of going gradeless.


How have you empowered students in your STEAM classes by eliminating grades?
Sound off in the comments below. And please share this so more people get to see this.

Teachers Going Gradeless is a global group of educators convinced that teaching and learning are better when we grade less. Find us on Facebook!

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